1968 Buick LeSabre

1968 Buick LeSabre

The 1968 Buick Le Sabre, which translates to “the sabre” in French, is a full-size luxury car with a rich history. Manufactured by Buick from 1959 to 2005, the LeSabre held a special place in the Buick lineup for many years, serving as the entry-level full-size Buick with the lowest base price.

Before 1959, this position had been occupied by the full-size Buick Special model (1936–1958). However, in 1959, the LeSabre took over, replacing the Special. Notably, the Special nameplate made a return in 1961 for Buick’s compact car lineup. The LeSabre name itself has its origins in the 1951 GM Le Sabre show car, a design attributed to Harley Earl. It’s important to note that while this show car is often mistakenly associated with the Buick brand, it was actually a creation of GM. Buick drew inspiration from the GM LeSabre for their 1956-1957 models, incorporating elements like the top section of the rear wing into their own design. This connection between the GM LeSabre and Buick’s design choices underscores the enduring influence of innovation in automotive history.


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