1966 Ford Mustang


The original 1966 Ford Mustang, the pioneer of a remarkable legacy, rolled off the Ford assembly line in April 1964 and continued its iconic journey until 1973. This groundbreaking vehicle marked the birth of the “pony car” category in the automotive world. The Mustang’s captivating design, characterized by its long hood and short deck, captured the hearts of enthusiasts and inspired a wave of imitators.

Initially offered as a hardtop and convertible, the fastback version joined the lineup in the subsequent year. Upon its debut, the Mustang, sharing its foundation with the Falcon, found its place in the compact car segment. Over time, with each iteration, the Mustang experienced growth in both size and engine performance.

However, the 1971 model marked a significant departure from its predecessors, undergoing a striking redesign. Despite an initial surge in popularity, sales began to decline steadily. Ford recognized the need for a new generation of the Mustang. When the 1973 oil crisis hit, Ford was well-prepared, having already developed the smaller Mustang II for the 1974 model year.

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